Faith Jegede: What I’ve learned from my autistics brothers


Such a powerful example of how valuable difference is between people. We can learn from everyone around us, as long as we are open to receive them. What others see as a weakness, can be found as a strength for others…


2014: An excellent year to revisit Best Practices?


Paul Hobcraft expresses in his article “2014: a magic tipping point for innovation change” his hopeful view that the business world is more ready for innovation than ever. One of his arguments is about revisiting best practices. An argument that I am very exciting about. Best practices has their proven value, but could danger an organization in creating an environment of people who are not able to think critically about business practices anymore or develop new ones. If you can only follow best practices in your organization, why would you spend time and energy in inventing the wheel?

If you want to be better and different from your competition it is not enough to be able to copy their best practices. It is now time to think about new and successful business practices that can add to your competitive advantage. Let’s revisit best practices!


Learning without teachers


There are many theories about what the best way of learning and knowledge sharing is. A very interesting way of learning and knowledge sharing is presented by Sugata Mitra. He has proven in the last few years that all kind of children everywhere in the world are able to learn great things without interference of teachers or any other adults. How? Please check out his Ted Talk. It is very interesting, inspiring and funny!

Strategy and Innovation


Two of my favorite topics: Strategy and Innovation. Richards Hughes-Jones bring these topics together in his article “Does Strategy needs Innovation?”. He got inspired while setting up of a small business. I agree that Strategy needs an Innovative approach. The dull and large Business plans that new entrepreneurs have to write in order to get a loan from a bank are often not looked at anymore after the loan has been granted. It makes you wonder if the business plans only add value to the bank and not to the new business owner. The new business owner will write his/her own version of how he/she envision the future of the company and how to get there. With smart tools this can be done on 1 to 2 pages and adjusted fast when the market environment changes. At the end it’s all about staying in touch with your environment and your ability to react upon the changes. This flexibility should be presented in your Strategy as well.–KTgvvfNpUYTC4Tu_qN6k9EgEU1m-VofApxoK5r1wvYbaPiDvu-eULRo3YWCxpomR9K-61lLPKKrSSZc_lE1xdsIIee6VpP014AUUADQJnXhS2nJg&_hsmi=11414651

Most innovative companies of 2013


FastCompany presented an excellent summary of world’s most innovative companies of 2013. One of my favorite is number 40: Coursera.

Coursera is a non-profit organization that offers free of charge online short courses from the best universities in the world. The courses are of excellent quality and there is lots to learn. I started following courses with Coursera about a year ago and it is amazing how fast the organization is growing. More and more universities offer free of charge courses on the website. Try it out yourself!

Why do you value creativity?


We all have different reasons for finding creativity in business important or not important. Dan Pallotta wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review in which he links creativity and philanthropy. According to Dan do we want to improve other people’s live through finding creative solutions. That sounds very nobel! Mind you: some creative solutions are improvements for some and by others seen as unnecessary or a threat. Implementing innovative ideas also means that people have to keep track on the changes. Not everyone succeed very well in that, for example: parents are struggling with keeping themselves up to date of what kind of apps, new internet pages, social networks and the like are out there in order to understand what their kids are doing on the internet. It can be hard to outsmart a creative kid!

Finally we are ‘allowed’ to think innovative at a young age…


Hereby an article that discuss what innovative thinking rebellious kids had to endure in their school period and how that is changing. I think it is a great development that our learning institutions get more open-minded about different way of thinking. The business world need people of all kinds in order to keep developing. When thinking and behaving the same we are not able to make a difference.